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there gonna have minecraft for that oculus thing now I have to buy one

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someone buy me this ryuko cosplay and i’ll take pictures


someone buy me this ryuko cosplay and i’ll take pictures

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G’day, tumblrites.

I don’t normally ask anyone to watch or sign anything with any sort of conviction, but this is probably the most abhorrent thing I’ve seen in a while. Handling birds by their legs. Treating them like paper airplanes during shows. Ignoring signs of distress. Teaching children that abuse is the proper way of doing things with these animals.

I used to work with a raptor program that rehabbed birds and gave educational talks. This is not how you handle a raptor. It is not even close.

These “educators” work as raptor rehabbers in Michigan… and their method of handling raptors is obscene. Every second these birds are shown is an obvious second of distress, fear, and abuse, and this shit needs stopping.

Michigan organizations have been contacted and are “working on it.” But maybe a petition would help them “work on it” faster. Either way, it can’t hurt.

So please pop over here and sign; this shit needs to stop, and it needs to stop as fast as possible.

Please reblog. Get this out there. We need to do everything possible to stop the torment these birds are being put through.

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"Tumblr is a hate-free environment!"



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Anonymous asked: you don't know who Bobby scheoder is and you wanna blindly sign a petition? dude educate your self before you make that kind of decision. Please. Blindly signing a petition is a problem and Thinking before you act is a smarter choice. Think for your self you're not not brainless


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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [x]

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Horned Owl (by MrClean1982)


Horned Owl (by MrClean1982)

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ok so I barely got any sleep last night because chris was constantly snoring and he usually doesnt and like this morning I was half asleep and his phone goes off three times

and its this girl he talks to all the time from his nursing program but I mean they are literally texting back and forth all day and he sees her everyday he goes to the program and I kind of hate it?? why is this chick texting him a million times at 7am hmmmmmmm

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